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The Hindu Editorial Daily Free PDF Analysis – 23rd Jan 2018

Towards an endgame?

  • Turkey makes a decisive move against Kurdish •fighters on the border with Syria
  • January 20,Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdo•an announced thatTurkish forces alongside the Free Syrian Army
  • Turkey has long threatened to enter Syria and clear out the forces of the U.S.-backed Syrian
    Democratic Forces (SDF).
  • The SDF was created in 2015 by the various Syrian Kurdish political forces and their military
    wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)
  • The SDF was created as a platform for the Syrian Kurds to join with these other groups into
    an anti-IS military alliance.
  • But, to the Turks, it has always been clear that the SDF is dominated by Syrian Kurds, and
    is therefore essentially a Kurdish project.
  • Heart of the conflict The war to defeat the IS at Raqqa, the major city in northern Syria

Getting back on the democratic path

  • India gave itself a great system but now does not seem to know how to keep it up to
  • India remains woefully short of its potential.
  • Whatever our excuses-The whole essence of… Parliamentary Government lies in the
    intention to make the thing work… [its] strength… is exactly measured by the unity of political parties upon its fundamental objects.
  • Our social tensions need sensitive healing.
  • Our administrative machinery desperately needs efficiency
  • Countries worldwide •find existing governmental systems unable to cope with contemporary challenges or people’s expectations, some even with basic needs
  • Democracy depends on the Enlightenment’s ideals
  • offering no vision, no version of our future, which could possibly inspire anybody
  • China’s record over the last century is hardly edifying revolutions, civil war, famines
    , warlords, etc.
  • Corruption is rampant, sloth and incompetence hardly unknown,
    but things get done because there is a directing force
  • Which devises and executes forward – looking plans for national greatness.
  • We gave ourselves a great system but have not known how to keep it up to standard.
  • A government must be •fitted to a nation as much as a coat to the Individual
  • Power between executive, legislature and judiciary is undermined
  • Our political executives are self-seeking while the permanent branches are dysfunctional;
  • Our legislatures hardly meet and when they do there is bedlam;
  • Our judiciary, the last remaining estate to retain some public respect,
  • Some problems have no solutions-We never grew out of our old ways.
  • Khap panchayats, disgraceful dowry systems, blatant practice of untouchability
  • The road map ahead
  • We need a planned, determined push to make our system work and modernise.
  • Only an organised body with such a purpose can do anything
  • We the people are ultimately responsible but political leaders have to lead


Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

  • Page-1– Loya death will be examined objectively, says CJI Bench
  • Circumstances surrounding the death of CBI judge B.H. Loya

  • Page-1-The Hindu is the undisputed #1 English daily in South India
  • The Hindu has retained its undisputed leadership amongst English language newspapers in South India, based on the recently released Indian Readership
    Survey (IRS) 2017, with a total readership of 38.5 lakhs
    in South India.
  • The Times of India’s 29.6 lakhs,
  • Deccan Chronicle’s readership (13.8 lakhs) and
  • Deccan Herald’s readership (9.7 lakhs)
  • Page-7– Now, an app to report roadkill in wildlife habitats
  • Users can upload geotagged photos to a public forum
  • Mobile-based application,‘Roadkills’, launched on Jan 21 by theWildlife Conservation Trust, will help citizens report such wildlife deaths by uploading geotagged photographs to a public forum.
  • Data generated can be used to identify crucial road or rail stretches that urgently require mitigation measures-Help identify crucial sections of roads or railway lines where animal deaths are high to pinpoint regions
  • Two States call for SC rethink on Padmaavat
  • Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh governments
  • Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) announced that it is acquiring a 51.11% stake of
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL)
  • Former Maldives President accuses China of ‘land grab’- Mohamed Nasheed
  • ‘Chinese interests are building ports and other infrastructure
  • Jerusalem Embassy to open in 2019- U.S. Embassy will be
    moved fromTelAviv to Jerusalem by the end of 2019
  • IMF raises global growth forecast, sees U.S. tax boost
  •  world economy expanding by 3.9% in 2018 and 2019

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