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The Hindu Editorial Daily Free PDF Analysis -16th Jan 2018

World Social Protection Report 2017- International Labour Organisation

  • Could also be viewed as a blueprint for action by political parties of the mainstream.
    • 1)-Risks such as ill health,
    • 2)-Unemployment,
    • 3)-Occupational injuries,
    • 4)-Disability, and
    • 5)-Old age.
  • Vast majority of people (4 billion) live without any safeguard
  • Less than half (45.2%) have guaranteed access to only one social protection benefit
  • More than half the population in rural areas are not covered by universal health programmes,
  • As compared to less than a quarter in urban locations.
  • Goal of comprehensive social security coverage remains a mere slogan in many parts of the world.
  • Public investment in social security is critical to eradicate poverty, boost economic growth, and reduce inequality.
  • Targets under the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • To meet the 2025 target of eradicating child labour.
  • Only 27.8% of persons with severe disabilities worldwide receive appropriate support.
  • Levels of support are not adequate enough even to lift people out of poverty,
  • Universal coverage is beyond the reach of poor countries.
  • Government’s recent budget a precondition for $2.9
    billion loan from the IMF.
  • Lower petrol subsidies and higher taxes on cars and utilities are among the measures proposed to reduce the •fiscal deficit, currently at
    6% of GDP, to 4.9% by the year-end.
  • Further fuelling anger are the 25% youth unemployment rate, twice national average
  • Tourism- sectors worst – hit
  • Recent years and the 2015 terrorist attacks.
  • Police action have, understandably, led to comparisons withTunisia’s 2011
  • European Union nations in particular have an interest in promoting political and economic stability, in the light of migrant outflows from North Africa to the continent.

Problem of plenty

  • Agricultural policy should look to address the problem of severe price fluctuations
  • Last few weeks,across India price of potatoes has fallen sharply after a year of bumper production.
  • Kilogram of potato dropping as low as under a rupee in certain wholesale markets
  • Many distressed farmers have left their produce to rot on the roads, and in cold storage facilities
  • Potato prices were many times higher just months ago amid scarce supply
  • Last year price other produce like red chilli, tur dal and tomato witnessed a similar trend of steep falls compared to the previous season
  • Cycle repeats each passing year
  • Cobweb phenomenon- Supply and demand
  • Prices comes against the backdrop of a slowdown in the rural economy.
  • According to advance GDP estimates released by the government last week, farm growth is expected to drop from 4.9% in 2016-17 to 2.1% in 2017-18
  • States go to polls, local governments could turn towards populism to satisfy their rural voter base.
    1)- Farm loan waivers,
    2)-A higher minimum support price for farm produce, or
    3)-Some combination of the two
  • Next Union budget may well be focussed on the rural economy
  • Such relief measures that temporarily ease the pain on farmers
  • Any permanent solution to the problem of agricultural distress will have to deal with the challenge of price fluctuations.
  • Need to give farmers not just a better, but also more stable, return on their crops.

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

  • Page-1,9- Deepak Unnikrishnan winsThe Hindu Prize
  • Deepak Unnikrishnan, a teacher at NewYork University Abu Dhabi, wonThe
    Hindu Prize, 2017, for his novel Temporary People, a book that was described as bringing a “keen insight into the heartrending plight of the „guest workers‟ in the UAE.”
  • Page-1-
  • Page-1- Face recognition for Aadhaar validation
  • The Unique Identi•cation Authority of India (UIDAI) said on Monday that it would enable Aadhaar authentication using face recognition from July 1.
  • existing mode of authentication such as •fingerprint, iris or one-time password (OTP).
  • Page-1,13- Israel seeks „big data‟ from India
  • Israel proposed to track individual Indian farmers, even as both sides joined hands to use a similar data-driven method to fight cyber crimes.

Page-1– No puja without helmet, temple priests tell bikers

  • Odisha police rope in pujaris at the highly revered Maa Sarala temple to enforce helmet rule.
  • Page- China slams Rawat’s statement
  • SaysArmy chief ’s comments do not conform to the spirit of Xiamen talks
  • During last week’s press conference, Gen. Rawat said India needed to shift its military focus from its western border with Pakistan to its northern border with China.
  • He had observed that if China was strong, India was not
    weak either.


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