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Needless row | TH

  • Rajasthan Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act
  • It clearly does not amount to validating or legitimising child marriage
  • The Rajasthan law enacted in 2009 provided for compulsory registration of all marriages.
  • Supreme Court’s verdict in Seema vs Ashwani Kumar (2007), which directed that all marriages in India should be registered.
  • The original law itself did not exclude registration of child marriages, and all that the amendment does is to change the age at which the obligation to register shifts from the parents or guardians to the parties to the marriage.
  • Earlier, it was the duty of the parties to the marriage to submit a memorandum on their marriage to the registrar if they were both above 21 years; and if younger, it was the duty of the parents or guardians.
  • The amendment changes this age limit to 21 for men and 18 for women.
  • It is difficult to see this change authorising the bride herself to participate in the marriage registration after the age of 18, as one that permits child marriage.
  • Under the law, child marriages are not void, but only voidable at the instance of one of the parties, who may approach the court for nullifying the marriage within two years of attaining majority.
  • Registering such a marriage may help establish the legal rights of the underage party and those of any children born and deter any attempt to deny the marriage later.
  • It may even help prosecution of those solemnising child marriages and implement provisions relating to maintenance and residence of the girl whose marriage is invalidated later.
  • Nothing prevents the marriage registrar from alerting the child marriage prohibition officer after registering the marriage.
  • One must note that there was never any specific prohibition on registering child marriages.
  • As a fallout of this controversy, Parliament ought to consider the Law Commission’s recommendation to amend the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, to make child marriages below 16 years void, and those solemnised when either party was between 16 and 18, voidable.

Back in the game | TH

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s summit meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden, and his first in-person meet of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue mark an important step forward in India’s engagement with major global powers as it seeks to revive its economy and strategic role in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Issue of vaccine availability
  • As the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, India would resume supplies to the global COVAX pool under its ‘Vaccine Maitri’ programme.
  • The U.S. also invoked its Defense Production Act, effectively preventing the export of raw materials for vaccine manufacture in a bid to prioritise domestic production.
  • The reaffirmation by Mr. Biden that India remained a ‘Major Defence Partner’, making it a key nation with which Washington could share information and strengthen cooperation in advanced military technologies, including, for example, a recent project to co-develop air-launched unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Issues of global concern, including the ongoing pandemic, climate change, technology cooperation, supply chains and security, and preserving a free and open Indo-Pacific were themes that came up at the Quad gathering.

Green Hydrogen | ET

  • India’s oil companies are reportedly reluctant to move on from the grey hydrogen they have invested in, to produce sulphurfree petrol and diesel, and embrace green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy.
  • Hydrogen blending with compressed natural gas (CNG) to slash carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency.
  • Studies suggest that 18% hydrogen blending in CNG, or H-CNG, can bring down carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 70% and raise fuel efficiency too.
  • The oil companies would then be able to spread and allocate overhead costs better.
  • Note that IOC has developed innovative technology for H-CNG, by using catalysts for reforming natural gas partially so that a target percentage of hydrogen is directly produced in the mixture, the rest being unconverted CNG.
  • Globally, hydrogen required for blending in CNG is generally produced via electrolysis of water, followed by high-pressure blending with gas, which are energy-intensive processes.
  • The oil majors clearly need to step up R&D efforts for green hydrogen and efficient electrolysers.
  • Meanwhile, it would make perfect sense to extend tax benefits for grey or green hydrogen, say, under Section 35 AD of the Income-Tax Act, for speedy depreciation of plant capacity.
  • Accelerating the pace of change is entirely feasible, as seen in the switch from Bharat Stage IV to Stage VI emission standards.

Hydrogenate While Decarbonising | ET

  • Hydrogen is being seen as a viable option for decarbonisation of an entire range of industries.
  • The vast range of applications for ‘green hydrogen’ (H2) — produced by splitting water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrolyser — make it a crucial part of the decarbonisation arsenal.
  • Also, hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that may be converted into power and heat for use in carbon-reduction efforts.
  • India’s total RE generation potential is estimated to be 1,097.465 GW.
  • Over the last seven years, India has invested more than $70 billion in RE.
  • This amounts to 1.89% of the total investments received across all sectors during the same time.
  • GoI is working towards developing an ecosystem based on H2 through hydrogen-centric project financing, involving public sector banks (PSBs) and institutions that provide direct subsidies to users of H2-powered vehicles.
  • The need for tax incentives for industrial sectors replacing gas and electricity with H2 to boost the green hydrogen sector should also be considered.
  • As the cost of electricity accounts for about 70% of the total cost of H2 produced through the electrolysis process, governments need to introduce a regulated price for electricity obtained from RE sources employed for producing H2.
  • Big corporations like Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and Adani Group are invested in RE projects, and in H2 in particular.
  • Given India’s fledgling hydrogen sector, companies like Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) have also followed suit by investing in developing hydrogen-spiked compressed natural gas (H-CNG).
  • As the adoption of H2 increases in the big corporations, it will become essential to also engage MSMEs as part of the process.
  • Large portions of global savings are now also being channelised through green bonds into projects addressing climate change.
  • The issuer of green bonds remains accountable to the investor not only for how the proceeds are applied, but also for the environmental and social impact of the project and the assets being financed or refinanced.

Flood management that cannot be watered down | TH

  • Bihar – recurrent and massive flooding
  • India-Nepal flood management
  • Better coordination between the Centre and States
  • Some of Nepal’s biggest river systems originate in the Himalayan glaciers which then flow into India through Bihar.

  • Joint Project Office (JPO), Biratnagar, was established in Nepal in August 2004 to prepare a detailed project report to construct a high dam on the Nepal side (on the Kosi, Kamla and Bagmati rivers).
  • The Government of Bihar has raised the matter at regular intervals.
  • The Central Water Commission (CWC), Ministry of Jal Shakti (MoJS), Government of India, convened a special meeting of the joint team of experts (India side) on February 10, 2020 at New Delhi to ascertain the status of the detailed project report.
  • A group of officers formed by the CWC has to work on various aspects of the detailed project report and propose an action plan for its early completion.
  • The Water Resources Department, Bihar has repeatedly requested the MoJS (most recently, through Letter no. 295, dated August 2, 2021) to expedite the progress of the detailed project report.
  • Despite the best efforts made by the Government of Bihar, the task remains unaccomplished even after 17 years.
  • The Minister of Water Resources Department, Bihar, Sanjay Kumar Jha, met the Minister of External Affairs, S. Jaishankar, in September 2020 to highlight long-standing water sharing issues with Nepal.
  • It is essential that Nepal shows the required will to find a long-term solution with India in ending a perennial disaster.
  • As in the existing India-Nepal Agreement on water resources, the State government is authorised to execute flood protection works up to critical stretches inside Nepal territory along the India-Nepal border.
  • 21 out of the 22 works could be completed
  • Some progress was made to facilitate the smooth movement of manpower, machinery and flood control materials across the Gandak and Kamla rivers situated on the Nepal side to carry out flood protection work during the flood period of 2020.
  • Nepal must play its part in ensuring a sustainable way forward.
  • Nepal and India should restart the water dialogue and come up with policies to safeguard the interests of all those who have been affected on both sides of the border.


  • PM Modi to launch Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission today
  • PM discusses cyclone Gulab situation with CMs of Andhra, Odisha and assures all possible help
  • Prime Minister calls upon people to celebrate river festivals at least once a year
  • PM asks people to buy Khadi products to mark Gandhi Jayanti with great fervour; Urges them to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour during this festive season
  • India has an export target of 2 trillion dollar by 2030, banks will have to play pivotal part in achieving it: FM
  • Home Minister Amit Shah says incidents of Left Wing Extremism drops by 23%
  • PM Modi to launch Swachh Bharat Mission- Urban 2.0, AMRUT 2.0 on Oct 1
  • Union Minister Anurag Thakur announces month-long nationwide Clean India Drive from Oct 1
  • India set to achieve 100 crore Covid-19 vaccination mark
  • Vice President advises CSIR to reinvent itself and turn futuristic while pursuing science of the highest order
  • Polling underway in Germany to elect new Chancellor
  • Bangladesh: ADB approves USD 250 million loan for economic recovery programme
  • US: At least three killed after Amtrak train derails in north-central Montana
  • Seven people killed in Somalia suicide car bomb explosion

Q.) Which vaccine has been authorised by US as a booster shot for elderly and high-risk adults?

  1. Janssen by J&J
  2. Pfizer
  3. Moderna
  4. Covishield

Q.) The Supreme Court introduced a new system called FASTER to facilitate convineint communication of crucial court decisions including orders on bai and stay of arrest. What’s the full form of FASTER?

  1. Fast and Secured Transmission of Electronic Records
  2. Fast and Safe Transmission of Electronic Records
  3. Fair and Secured Transmission of Electronic Records
  4. Fast and Simple Transmission of Electronic Records


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