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Gifts to G-20 Leaders

About the Gifts to G20 Leaders

Craft/Art form Description
Kangra Miniature Paintings


  • It is a type of Pahari paintings that depict Puranic tales and stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata in minute detail.
  • The art originated in a small hill state ‘Guler’ through a family of Kashmiri painters. The painting makes use of pure colors like yellow, red and blue.
  • The paintings generally portray ‘Shringar Rasa’ or depictions of love on a natural backdrop. The themes range from one of the six seasons or modes of music, Radha and Krishna or Siva and Parvati.
Mata Ni Pachedi

  • It is a handmade textile of Gujarat meant to be an offering in temples that house the Mother Goddess.
  • The textile was crafted by the nomadic community of Waghris as homage to various incarnations of the Goddess.
  • The goddess forms the central figure in the design of the fabric, flanked by other elements of her story.
Patan Patola

  • Patan Patola scarf is a colourful dupatta woven in the northern part of Gujarat. The double ikat scarf can be worn on both sides.
  • Patola is woven on primitive hand-operated harness looms that are made out of rosewood and bamboo strips.
  • The particular piece presented to the leader had a design inspired from the Rani Ki Vav, a stepwell in Patan and was encased in a decorative sadeli box.
  • Sadeli is a highly skilled wood craft, native to Gujarat’s Surat. It involves cutting precise geometric patterns on wooden articles to produce aesthetically appealing designs.


Kinnauri Shawl


  • The shawl is the speciality of the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The art originated from the ancient tradition of wool milling and textile manufacturing in the region.
  • The designs of the shawl show influence from Central Asia and Tibet. Extra-weft technique of weaving is used to make the shawl.
Silver Bowl

  • It is a unique and finely crafted bowl made using pure silver.
  • This is a century-old craft is practiced by the traditional and highly skilled metalsmiths of the Surat region in Gujarat.
Kanal Brass Set

  • Kanal is a large, straight brass trumpet, over a metre long, which is played in parts of the Indian Himalayas.
  • It is an art from Mandi and Kullu and is used on ceremonial occasions, such as the processions of village deities.
  • The bell of the instrument resembles a Dhatura flower.
Agate Bowls

  • Agate bowls are made in Kutch. Agate is a semi-precious stone obtained from underground mines of Rajpipla and Ratanpur in riverbeds.
  • The craft has been passed down generations of artisans since the Indus Valley civilization and is currently practiced by artisans of Khambat.
Pithora Paintings

  • Pithora paintings are tribal folk art made by the Rathwa artisans from Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat.
  • These paintings are influenced from the cave paintings that tribal people used to make, reflecting their social, cultural and mythological life and beliefs.
  • They are similar to the aboriginal dot paintings of the indigenous communities of Australia.

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