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Editorial of the Day: India and the New Eurasia (Indian Express)

Context of the Editorial: Japan’s PM has reiterated that the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific is indivisible. This reflects a major shift from the contemporary geopolitical idea of the Indo-Pacific.

Author’s Opinion on Geopolitics of Eurasia: What are the Changing Scenarios in Eurasian Region?

  • Russia-China Alliance: Before invasion of Ukraine, Russian President travelled to China to sign an agreement declaring an alliance “without limits” and no “forbidden areas”.
    • China believes that Russia’s success in Europe will enormously improve China’s chances for its long-sought dominance over Asia.
    • However, this move of changing the global order backfired when a new alliance emerged between China’s East Asian neighbours and Russia’s West European neighbours.
  • Russian strategy: Russia’s Eurasian strategy includes capturing former Soviet space, restoring influence in Central Europe, building a strong alliance with China, and limiting Western influence in the continental heartland.
  • Changes in Indo-Pacific:
    • Understanding the implications of the China-Russia alliance and the Ukraine war for security of Asia, the Japanese government has planned to redefine Japan’s security policy. It is planning to double annual defence spending over the next five years.
    • The US has been nudging Japan to take greater responsibility for regional security in Asia, to counter China.
  • NATO’s Expanding Influence:
    • NATO- Asian partnership: During the NATO summit in Madrid, Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, along with Australia and New Zealand were invited, at the instance of the US.
    • The US efforts: The US is encouraging its regional partners to build their capabilities and strengthen regional balances of power in Europe and Asia.
  • The Idea of Eurasia
    • Eurasia is described as the vast landmass that connected Europe and Asia. Europe and Asia have emerged as separate political and cultural spheres, despite continental connectivity.

What could be the Possible Impacts on India?

  • Dilemma for India: Rise of Eurasia is making it difficult for India to engage with two regional coalitions at the same time. India can no longer simultaneously engage with maritime coalition (led by Japan) and continental coalitions (led by Russia-China).
  • Threat: The growing security challenges from China on the Himalayan frontier and the Sino-Russian alliance is putting India’s continental strategy in jeopardy.
  • Opportunity: Changing scenarios also provide an opportunity for India to strengthen its strategic capabilities in partnership with the US and Europe as well as Japan, South Korea and Australia.

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