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Case Study of the Day: EasyKrishi – Proactive Agriculture through Digital Interventions

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EasyKrishi Background

Easykrishi is an enterprise that uses digital interventions, with an aim to change agricultural practices from Reactive Mode to Proactive Mode.

About EasyKrishi

  • Easykrishi works towards being India’s largest FPO aggregating platform, whose focus is on passing the benefits to the farmers & partner FPOs.
  • Easykrishi aims to bridge the agriculture information gap so that farmers can transact on distant markets, buyers have predictability in the supply chain and agriculture financing institutes have lower operating costs with pre-qualified lending options.
  • Further, Easykrishi app enables real-time monitoring of farmer groups’ activities, by collecting and placing farmers’ orders and supplying production-related information.
  • Benefits from the initiative include:
    • Real-time information helps plan Agricultural activities.
    • Support Agricultural Financing Institutions to plan and support farmers, for better credit facilitation.
    • Aids in policy-making, by assessing data about the effectiveness of the schemes.
    • Disaster mitigation by disseminating information in crisis times.
  • Similarly, the advanced development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications needs to be leveraged more to support Agriculture, which is the backbone of the Indian Economy.

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ICT stands for?

Information and Communication Technology

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