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Arms Imports By India falls By 33%, SIPRI Report – Free PDF Download

    What has happened? India’s arms imports fell 33 % between 2011-15 and 2016-20, said a report released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) on Monday, At a time the country has taken a raft of measures to cut dependence on imported military hardware. Why decline in India’s import? The report on […]


The Hindu Editorial Analysis | 16th March ’21 | PDF Download

Mandal Verdict La Paz Prevention of Terrorism Law Q.) Name the first Indian fencer to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Shilpa Garg Bindu Devi Karan Singh CA Bhavani Devi Q.) At the ongoing India-Uzbek exercise Dustlik-II at Ranikhet, Uzbek troops learnt the handling of ____ assault rifles, recently inducted into services by the Army […]


Art & Culture Current Affairs for UPSC Exam 2021 Set 4 – Free PDF

Q Consider the following statements. A. It is the world’s only print Sanskrit newspaper B. It is published from Mysuru C. It completed 50 years of its journey in 2020 D. It was started by Varadaraja Iyengar Which Newspaper is being talked about here? A. Mooknayak B. Sudharma C. Vishwasya Vruttantam D. Muralidhara Q Which […]


Daily Current Affairs for SSC and Bank | 16th March ‘2021 – Free PDF

Q1) Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair, who passed away recently, was the exponent of which classical dance? Kathak Odissi  Kathakali Bharatanatyam Q2) Who has become the first-ever batsman to score 3,000 runs in T-20 International? Martin Guptill Ben Stokes Rohit Sharma Virat Kohli Q3) Marvin Hagler, who passed away recently, was associated with which sports? Boxing Basketball […]


Daily करंट अफेयर्स for SSC & Bank | 16th March ‘21 | Download PDF

  Q1) चेमांचेरी कुन्हीरमण नायर, जिनका हाल ही में निधन हो गया, वे किस शास्त्रीय नृत्य के उस्ताद थे? कथक ओडिसी कथकली भरतनाट्यम Ans- कथकली Q2) टी -20 इंटरनेशनल में 3,000 रन बनाने वाला पहला बल्लेबाज कौन बना है? मार्टिन गप्टिल बेन स्टोक्स रोहित शर्मा विराट कोहली Ans- विराट कोहली Q3) मारविन हैगलर,जिनका हाल ही […]


Vaccine Diplomacy May Help India To Get Permanent UNSC Seat – Free PDF

  Introduction At a time when global cooperation in sharing vaccines is minimal, and the World Health Organization’s vaccine-distribution plans are yet to get off the ground, India has taken a different tack, quietly pursuing “vaccine diplomacy.” Its “Vaccine Maitri” (Vaccine Friendship) campaign has shipped hundreds of thousands of Indian-made Covishield vaccines, manufactured under license […]


Batla House Encounter Death Penalty For Ariz Khan – Free PDF Download

What has happened? Ariz Khan, convicted of the murder of a Delhi Police inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, has been given the death penalty. He was allegedly associated with terror outfit Indian Mujahideen. Apart from awarding him the death penalty, the Delhi court also imposed a total fine of Rs 11 lakh on Ariz Khan. Found […]


Daily Word List (English Vocabulary) – 16th March’21 | Free PDF Download

Dawdle Verb Meaning To waste time; idle; trifle; loiter: To move slowly, languidly, or dilatorily; saunter. Pillage Verb Meaning To strip ruthlessly of money or goods by open violence, as in war; plunder To take as booty. Noxious Adjective Meaning Harmful or injurious to health or physical well-being Morally harmful; corrupting; pernicious Fervent Adjective Meaning […]


Racism Against Rashmi Samant India To Raise Issue With UK – Free PDF Download

  What has happened? A BJP leader raised the issue concerning Indian-origin Rashmi Samant, the first Indian woman to be elected as the President of Oxford University Students Union, Who stepped down from the post following accusations and cyberbullying regarding her having made racist remarks when she wasn’t even a teenager. Ashwini Vaishnav, a BJP […]


2020 Tree City Of The World Hyderabad – Free PDF Download

  Hyderabad has been recognised as a ‘2020 Tree City of the World‘ by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. The recognition is for the commitment of the city to growing and maintaining urban forest. Hyderabad is the only city in the country to get the […]